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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How long will it take to get my fairing if I order online?  You should receive your fairing within two weeks from the day the order is processed.

2.  Where can I pickup my fairing if I choose to purchase in person?  We are located in far west San Antonio, Texas (Potranco Rd. and Loop 1604 area).  Please email us the bike's year, make, model and the speaker setup you are interested in.  We will respond with an appointment date, time, and address.

3.  Can I purchase a fairing online and pickup in San Antonio?  Yes be sure to indicate that you will pickup in San Antonio during checkout or send us an email after purchase.  We will respond with an appointment date, time, address and refund you the shipping costs at the time of pickup. 

4.  Is there any assembly required if I order online?  Yes.  We ship fairings without the windshield installed in order to prevent any damage of the windshield from occurring during shipment.  Customers must install the windshield using the three supplied bolts/nuts and the included instructions. Brackets/bolts/washers and the optional stereo cover must also be installed by customers who order fairings without a stereo system.  Systems are also shipped without the stereo head unit mounted within the splash cover in order to prevent it from falling within the fairing during shipment.  The stereo head unit can simply be placed within the splash cover within a matter of seconds. 

5.  How much power does the Kenwood stereo system have? The Kenwood KMR-M315BT has 200 Watts max power and 20 Watts RMS and a frequency of 20-20kHz.

6.  Which speaker setup is louder? The BOSS MR50B 5.25" marine speakers are rated at 150 Watts MAX POWER per speaker to include 75 Watts CONTINUOUS POWER per speaker with a range of 120Hz to 18kHz.  The POLK DB692 marine 6"x9"  speakers are rated at 450 Watts MAX POWER per speaker to include 150 Watts CONTINUOUS POWER speaker with a range of 35 - 22kHz.  The POLK DB522 marine speakers are rated at 300 Watts MAX POWER per speaker to include 100 Watts CONTINOUS POWER per speaker.  

7.  Can you put an amplifer on my stereo?  Yes we currently offer two options for a Kenwood Marine amplifer. 

8.  How well is the antenna reception on the stereo?  The antenna placed on the Kenwood stereo unit is a BOSS marine antenna that can pickup local stations with a high radio frequency with ease.  The Kenwood stereo unit also has the ability to add satelite stereo, for example, SIRIUS XM so that you can have clear stereo reception throughout your ride even through mountains and hills.

9.  Can the fairing be custom painted?  Yes please look at our online gallery to view custom painted fairings purchased from DVS Fairings.  We do not paint fairings in-house.

10.  What is the process for having a custom painted fairing built?  You may purchase a fairing without stereo from our online store (which we will ship to you) or buy in person.  You may paint the fairing however you like and ship back to us or return in person.  We will complete the build and return back to you.  Please email for further details on paying the remaining balance (online orders only).

11.  Will aftermarket products (windshield, chrome trim, etc.) fit on the fairing?  Yes the fairing is molded using the same dimensions as Harley's Batwing Fairing so any aftermarket product will certainly fit.  

12.  Why are JL speaker covers used to cover the Boss marine 5.25" speakers?  The Boss speaker covers are not visually aesthetic.